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Good Odds: Looking for the Northern Lights

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  "How Likely Is It to See the Northern Lights?" Many people ask me how likely is it that they will see the Northern Lights in Alaska and I wish...
Yi Peng-Sky Lantern Festival of Thailand (Winter Solstice)

The Moon and I: A Look at Cultural Celebration

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  Celebrating the Moon While visiting a friend in Ireland this summer, I had the luck of being at her home on August 10th. On this auspicious day, I had...
Norway-Blog Feature

How Norway Saves the Environment by Destroying It

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  Shattering Myths The majority of my ideas of Norway concern either snow or black metal, and in some cases, both. Imagine my surprise when I visited a land where...
Blog Feature-Kilamanjaro

Travel Tales: Kilimanjaro

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  Kilimanjaro By Alexx Goeller Have you ever wanted to climb one of the world’s tallest peaks? That right there. That was the line that drew me right in. My...