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“Jared has been working very hard at building Gondwana Ecotours for a few years now and we have been with him most of his journey. You won’t find a better Tour Planner and Guide….promise! His attention to detail is incredible and his love of the land simply amazing. And, okay, I’ll give, this Hummer-driving Republican will even admit that the eco part of his tours is quite noteworthy LOL”
—Antha Ward

“The Alaska tour was wonderful. Our local guide, Daniel, was knowledgeable and entertaining. I highly recommend the Arctic Circle Extension. It was an amazing 24 hours in a remarkable place. The dogsledding there was fantastic!”—Nancy D.

“I recommend everyone travel with this WONDERFUL group of people! I had never been out of the country and was even traveling solo. Ann, Ryan, and Aaron made me feel 100% comfortable and safe the entire trip! They weren’t just our leaders they became our friends and made sure we had the best times of our lives! A perfectly planned itinerary that was flexible to accommodate what anyone might want to go out and do. Jared and Ann have mastered putting together a trip that not only includes fun and relaxation but also teaches you about the culture and environment you’ve traveled to. I traveled to Costa Rica and had the most amazing adventure I could have ever imagined. I learned about the wildlife and how they try to preserve it, even how I can help! I now plan to return very soon to help at one of the wildlife rehabilitation centers we visited! This is all thanks to Gondwana Ecotours and the people behind it! PURA VIDA my beautiful new friends. I hope to join you again soon!”
— Ashley Hauver

“I definitely recommend Gondwana Ecotours to everyone! Our Alaska trip was well organized, fun, flexible and balanced. Not to mention Jared was a great guide and also an awesome guy! He really cares about the mission of Gondwana Ecotours and it was great to be a part of it. Can’t wait to go on another trip!”
— Telesa Bleything

“The trip was perfection. I appreciated being able to travel with little to none of the typical extra work and little inconveniences. All details and extras and stuff that needed a little ironing was all taken care of by Jared. He left no stone unturned to get us to a place where few stones are ever unturned. I felt comfortable in a foreign country knowing how well traveled Jared is and seeing how capably he interacted with everyone involved along the way.

The places he found and the adventures planned/suggested and offered were all fabulous. He was accommodating, open, available and so so so pleasant. Simply a joy to be around. If you want to broaden your horizons and go to exotic places all while feeling taken care of and in good hands I recommend Gondwana Ecotours. I truly enjoyed the mix of luxury, rugged adventure, great food and enough swank to keep my whole family happy at every turn”
— Jena Frederick

“Returned from Alaska last week feeling thrilled at seeing the Northern Lights and being able to dog sled.”—Susan F.

“Gondwana brings more joy, fun, smile, laugh and awareness to our travel experience! One of my favorite ways to see the world!”
— Edmond Tsang

“My Peruvian adventure began with an incredibly warm welcome (complete with a personalized sign!) at the Cusco Airport. Juan Carlos, our knowledgable and witty tour guide, made my experience in Peru unforgettable. Having the ability to speak Quechua, Juan Carlos was able to provide our group the chance to get up close and personal with Peruvian culture in the Patacancha valley, an area that few venture to due to its remote location in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. I can’t thank Gondwana Tours and Juan Carlos enough for providing a great journey through this beautiful country.”
— Julia Campana

“Jared Sternberg is thoughtful, resourceful, passionate, committed, intelligent, insightful and knowledgeable – and as a bonus, he’s a gifted photographer, too. I was fortunate enough to travel with him to Panama in July 2013, and it was a wonderful experience. The hotels, restaurants, tours, outings, services, and attention to detail were top-notch. I wouldn’t hesitate to travel with Jared and Gondwana Ecotours again!”
— Melissa Gibbs

“We chose extremely well for our Alaska Northern Lights trip!”—Lynn S.

“I reached out to Jared for help planning a yoga retreat. I knew I wanted an island but somewhere a little different — off the beaten path, affordable, with interesting activities other than sun bathing for after yoga.
Our retreat to Panama City and the Isle Colon, an archipelago off the mainland, were an ideal combination. Panama City melded gorgeous architectural history and cultural heritage with the ease of island life fun such as surfing, horseback riding, zip lining, coffee plantations and more.
The hotel in the city was elegant, historical, hip, in the quaint part of the city — exactly what I would have chosen for myself had I known the city well. From our beach villa we could hear and see the waves crashing on the shore and to practice yoga outside each morning while monkeys swing from the trees was something quite special.
Gondwana takes a unique approach to planning a trip and wants it to be not just a vacation but an exchange between cultures. One can take part in as much or as little of this exchange as one wants but Jared lays the foundation and makes it accessible and available. He puts his whole heart into each trip he plans which is why it came off without a hitch — and he made it look easy.
It makes sense that Jared, at the helm of Gondwana, is a traveler at heart who knows personally where he is sending you. And it is comforting to know that his free spirit is balanced by good taste and a good head on his shoulders. Not to mention he knows his rum and now I do too!”
— Melanie Fawer
The Yoga Room

“We just got back from Gondwana’s Amazon Rainforest and Machu Picchu Ecotour. This was the experience of a lifetime. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Quito, Ecuador until our guide dropped us off at the airport in Cuzco, Peru everything was taken care of. We just had to focus on the amazing adventure we were having. We feel like we have experienced something very special and unique – going places most tourist do not go. We got an “inside” look at the culture and indigenous people which was extremely meaningful in a way that took me by surprise. Our group was small and our fellow travelers were a delight. The food was extraordinary (even for a vegetarian) and plentiful. I just can’t say enough and I hope I am able to travel with Gondwana again someday. Thank you Jared.”
— Becky Roth

“Over the 9 days in Ecuador I completely fell in love with the country!!! Roberto had a lot to do with my now obsession with Ecuador. He is so passionate and he makes you want to be as excited as he is about everything. Honestly when I got there I was not very excited about birds. Now, I notice every single bird that flies by, I am curious about everything around me and that is all because of Roberto. I am very thankful for all he has taught me. He was also there to help us with anything and everything. He did a great job of making us feel immersed in the culture; I did not feel like a tourist in Ecuador. We would just stop on the side of the street and get an amazing plate full of food from a woman cooking for like $3. It was awesome. Zip lining over that river basin was the coolest thing ever. I loved the swing in Banos, and Banos in general is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The waterfalls and the mountains are breathtaking. In addition, I am obsessed with Kapawi. I didn’t want to leave. I loved it! Kapawi has my heart. Everything about it. The people, the animals, I loved everything, even the mouse that ate a hole through my bag :)”
— Allie Constant