Zebra in the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration

Visit Tanzania to Escape the Winter Blues

Sometimes the best cure for the winter blues is to have something to look forward to… like an epic vacation. In this case, We recommends that you visit Tanzania for an escape.

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Tanzania’s Seasons

Located just below the equator, Tanzania’s seasons and temperatures vary greatly throughout the year. June-October is a typically dry season, while December-May hosts the rainy season. The rainy season provides beautiful green landscapes and equally interesting wildlife.he great migration happens year round, so you can visit Tanzania any time to see this majestic phenomenon. Depending on the season, visitors are likely to see different parts of the migration pattern when they visit Tanzania. Read our article “When is the Great Migration?” to learn about where it travels throughout the year.

Great Migration Wildlife visit tanzania

The great migration is known for the nearly 2 million wildebeests, zebras, and other animals who hitch a ride on this epic trip. As they follow the circular trek in search of fresh food and water, many animals become prey to the crocodiles who await them at the river crossings. Aside from the great migration, Tanzania is one of Africa’s most biodiverse countries. “It is home to many of Africa’s iconic wildlife species, with lions, elephants and giraffes roaming the Serengeti and black rhinos, zebras and buffalo gathering to drink in Ngorongoro Crater.” Visiting 3 national parks, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara ensures that guests will see a wide variety of Tanzania’s animal kingdom.

Meet the Maasai Tribe

A Gondwana trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the locals. On the Serengeti, this means meeting the Maasai. A semi-nomadic tribe with centuries of history and tradition, they move between northern Tanzania and southern Kenya to find fresh grazing land for their cattle. Learn about their customs, their traditional jumping dance, and their unmistakeable garments while spending time with their community. Gondwana has been visiting the Maasai in Tanzania for several years, and we have strong connections with our hosts. We believe that cultural exchange benefits both the traveler and the host, which is why we donate a portion of trip proceeds to the Maasai Water Security Initiative.

Visit Tanzania With Gondwana Ecotours

“Thrill seekers, who are looking for a wildlife destination, look no further than Tanzania.” Gondwana’s Tanzania Wildlife Safari offers guests a chance to see the exotic animals of the great migration and the unique culture of the Maasai tribe! Visit Tanzania to get rid of the winter blues and have something to look forward to all year long.

See real footage from Gondwana’s Tanzania Wildlife Safari…

then visit Tanzania to experience it for yourself!


Tanzania Wildlife Safari from Jared Sternberg on Vimeo.